With many different tile materials being available on the market, it can be quite daunting deciding which tile is going to be right for the tiling project. 

Are the tiles going to be in a room with a lot of moisture, will the tiles be exposed to external temperatures, are they going to have heavy traffic, all these things may need to be taken into consideration when undertaking the task of purchasing tiles. 

Drawing on my experience, I am able to help & advise the customer making these decisions. 

Below you will see a brief detailing of the type of tiles usually found in residential and commercial properties, please look at our services page to find out what we can help you with. 




Very hard, easily available, sometimes a cheaper option, slip resistant, glazed & natural tile types, low maintenance, found in an abundance of  colours, can be used for both floor and wall tiling, ideal for light to medium traffic, can be prone to wear and chipping. 




Glazed, matt, polished porcelain tile types available, extremely hard wearing, frost resistant so can be used externally, do not require sealers in most instances, excellent for bathroom walls where water and moisture are found due to their low water absorption. 




With an array of natural stone tiles now available from Limestone, Slate, Travertine, Marble, Granite & Terracotta, many things need to be looked into before starting your tiling project.



All natural stone tiles require sealers, with regular maintenance needed on floor tiles to protect, prevent staining, also stopping water, oil and grease absorption, all which will reduce the desired effect and look of the tiles.



Growing in popularity due to gaining a desired look of a kitchen, bathroom, external area, could be seen to add value to your property.



Many sizes available, from mosaic size squares, to fireplace surrounds.




Usually more expensive than other tile types.

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